State Michigan Wildlife Seeding


Upper Michigan Land Management Improves Whitetail Deer Habitat

On State of Michigan Forest Lands    

                Dean R. Francis, President of Upper Michigan Land Management & Wildlife Services, Inc. is proud to announce they have formed a working partnership with the State of Michigan, MDNR, Wildlife Division to improve whitetail deer habitat on State of Michigan forest lands.

                With financial assistance from U.P. Whitetails Association, Inc., the first of many projects was completed during the Summer of 2008.  A six-acre perennial wildlife seeding was completed in northern Menominee County, Michigan adjacent to the Seven Mile Marsh forest road.

                The perennial wildlife mixture of clovers will be maintained through annual fertilizing, herbicide application, and mowings.  With this maintenance, the perennial wildlife mixture should last five to six years with good clover production.  This perennial food source will provide the needed high-quality nutrients required by whitetail deer where agriculture and native plants are lacking.

                The wildlife services provided by Upper Michigan Land Management & Wildlife Services, Inc. are available to non-industrial private landowners throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  Call the phone numbers listed below or email one of their foresters.

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