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What is forest sustainability?
Upper Michigan Land Management & Wildlife Services, Inc defines Forest Sustainability as;
"The ability of natural resource managers to utilize our resources in such away as to provide a sustainable economic environment while improving upon our forest and wildlife ecosystems through the use of long-term strategic planning."
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Northern Hardwood Management
& Biodiversity

As foresters and wildlife managers, we implement long-term strategic plans in order to improve upon our client's timber and wildlife resources. Strategic planning goes back to a well written, comprehensive forest management plan based upon the landowner's goals and objectives.

This northern hardwood stand located in northern Delta County, Michigan is being managed for high valued timber products while creating secondary tree and shrub layers beneath the dominant maple canopy. This secondary forest layering will provide a wildlife food source, escape cover and shelter for many game and non-game species. Thus, we have implemented a forest term know as "Multiple-Use."

Multiple use is defined as; "Long-term forest and wildlife management which accounts for more than one goal or objective."

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