Upper Michigan Land Management To Plant Crabapple Trees

On Non-Industrial Private Lands For The Improvement of Wildlife Turkey Habitat


                Dean R. Francis, President of Upper Michigan Land Management & Wildlife Services, Inc. is proud to announce they have formed a working partnership with Bay De Noc Gobblers, a local working group of the National Wildlife Turkey Federation (NWTF).


                In the Spring of 2009, Upper Michigan Land Management & Wildlife Services, Inc. in cooperation with Bay De Noc Gobblers will be planting (70) eight foot height, one inch diameter crabapple trees on twenty three non-industrial private lands located through Delta County, Michigan.  The crabapple trees provide a winter food source in the form of 1/4-3/8 inch fruit which is persistent throughout the winter months.  The varieties of crabapple trees are chosen based upon fruiting size, growing zone hardiness, root stock, tree form and size of branching.


                Financial assistance for this project was provided by Plum Creek , Michigan Department of Natural Resources, National Wild Turkey Federation, Wildlife Unlimited and the Community Foundation – Sustainable Forest Fund.   


                With continued financial support and the leadership of Ken Buckholtz, Bay De Noc Gobblers, (NWTF), this program will continue to grow exponentially and allow us to improve wild turkey habitat on non-industrial private lands throughout the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.



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